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Making Marxism Cool

The passing of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nelson Mandela this week was met with reverential coverage by the major networks, and of course with President Obama’s aligning himself with the man whose life bore no resemblance to his whatsoever, aside from skin color and continent-of-origin of their fathers.  Oh, and their Marxist leanings.   Generally …

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HuffPo: Inciting Violence and Fomenting Hate

Today, on a comment thread in a Huffington Post article about Ted Cruz using the phrase “Stand Your Ground” accompanied by a photo of the senator on a hunting trip, the anti-conservative diarrhea was flowing with its usual vigor.  Below is a screen-grab of the Facebook post of the article, along with their typically snarky …

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Never doubt the effect of angry, disgusted people working together towards a common goal. RATM, among many other groups and individuals, fought tirelessly to bring about exactly this outcome.  Martin Bashir, who suggested that Sarah Palin be punished for a reference to slavery by having someone defecate in her mount and urinate on her face, …

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Now More Than Ever

By our guest contributor Angi Bryan  People are waking up.  One of the most visible reflections of this is the fact that mainstream media is beginning to take a nose dive: MSNBC and CNN have lost almost half their viewership since this time last year.  Some outlets are desperately scrambling to save face now that …

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