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Evan Sayet explains, among other things, the Supreme Failure of the MSM to Get Any Major Story Right. Any.

We all talk about media bias; there are countless studies, statistics, explanations for it.  And of course, Rage Against the Media fights against it.  But Evan Sayet’s most recent speech delivered at the Conservative Forum is the first to explain exactly how and why our Liberal-run media gets not just most stories wrong, but why …

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You, too, can spread the word!

One of the things that continues to surprise us is how few people are aware of all the lies and scandals that are going on right now – FURTHER PROOF of the power of the media to HIDE, COVER-UP, and/or DOWN-PLAY anything to do with what doesn’t fit their agenda.  The general public’s ignorance is …

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“Transparency in Journalism” Ballot Initiative

We all know the media is biased.  Actually, biased is too mild a word.  It’s way beyond biased. It’s corrupt.  It’s depraved, dishonest, deceitful.  And deliberately so. We know this.  Here are just a few statistics, from Tim Groseclose’s seminal book on media bias, Left Turn: —In  a typical presidential election, Washington correspondents vote about …

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Media Frenzy over 4-day Traffic Jam

I’m as outraged as the next guy over a politically motivated traffic jam.  Everything I read about TrafficGate or Bridgegate or whatever it is disgusts me, and I am glad that there have been firings over the craven abuse of power by those in Governor Christie’s administration.  Whether or not Christie’s apology and humility are …

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RATM’s Top 10 Media Travesties of 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year.  The Top Ten list time.  Here’s ours:  the top ten travesties from our “mainstream media.”  Generally, these are stories that were either ignored or else distorted; either way, the media failed in its duty to their readers and/or viewers by denying us the opportunity to make up our own …

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