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RATM on “THAT RADIO SHOW” – A discussion about racism. You ready?

For too long, we have let the leftists seize control of every part of the narrative regarding racism.  Not only is calling us “racist” their trump card, but they have turned history on its head regarding civil rights legislation, implemented massive government programs that have damaged rather than empowered minorities, and, in fact, have made …

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Tomorrow, Saturday April 26th, Rage Against the Media is hosting our first “Flashmob for Truth” at a mall in Los Angeles. The idea is this:  Imagine you’re at a mall – strolling around with your family or friends, wishing you had some money so you could actually buy something, and you hear a ruckus behind …

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The Bundy Derailment: A Case Study in Silencing a Grassroots Movement by Crying Racism!

How do you derail a grassroots uprising against massive federal overreach?  You scream RACIST!!  And shame on us for falling for it. What we’re seeing with this Cliven Bundy furor – even by the right-wing media! –  is a quintessentially perfect example of how the left-wing propaganda machine (yeah, I said it, so what) is …

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Another University Denies Students Opportunity to Hear a Non-Conforming Voice

Azusa Pacific University has joined the ranks of Ivory Tower echo chambers of liberalism that have chosen to reject diversity of thought rather than embrace it.  APU just revoked its invitation to Charles Murray, one of today’s  great cultural scholars.  His 2013 book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, was a provocative and …

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38 GOP Lawmakers Challenge Legality of Obamacare – MSM Yawns

Expect to see this reported on the major networks other than FoxNews?  Don’t hold your breath.  If they mention it at all, it will be to deride the efforts of these lawmakers who are fighting to uphold the quaint notion of “rule of law.”  When the media is complicit with a President who feels no …

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