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The President’s Political Needs Outweighed the Lives of Our Men in Benghazi: Mark Steyn Speaks

Not much gets to the heart of the horror of everything to do with Benghazi better than this Mark Steyn piece. Democrats and their media enablers openly giggle at the word “Benghazi” now. So funny, isn’t it? Those provincial simpletons at Fox News are still droning on about dead Americans in Benghazi as if anybody …

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Gosnell Movie SURPASSES Record Fund-Raising Goal! The Story will Be Told! **UPDATED***

Hey MSM!  You don’t control the narrative anymore!  You did all you could to keep the vile, depraved, grisly story of America’s most gruesome serial killer, the abortionist Kermit Gosnell, but thanks to the fearless Phelim McAleer, Ann MacAnn McElhinney and Magdalena  Segieda who have committed themselves to getting this story told, you’ve been circumvented.  …

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If Benghazi is not a Scandal, Why Did So Many in the Administration Lie So Often?

Gets right to the heart of the matter: If Benghazi is not a scandal, why did so many people in the Obama administration lie so often? Why is the Obama Regime so anxious to put this behind them without any investigation? Certain things are obvious. The Obama White House lied. Instead of worrying about Americans dying, …

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Trump: Press Is Among the Most Dishonest Institutions

Never one to mince words, Donald Trump lights into the dishonest media.  From Politico: “Most of the press, the liberal press in particular, does not want to talk about Benghazi,” Trump said. “And they want to protect anybody involved with respect to Benghazi.” Among those the media are trying to protect, he said, is former …

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Seriously Delusional and Shamefully Partisan

It’s hard to think of any other words to describe the idea that pursuing an investigation into the massacre at our United States mission in Benghazi, the one that culminated in the death not only of our Ambassador but of three other Americans, might somehow be of benefit to Hillary Clinton should she be so …

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