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Spread The Truth about Israel: It’s Up To US

***UPDATED with NEW LINKS courtesy of our contributor from Israel  *** ***SEE BELOW FOR NEW LINKS AND RESOURCES*** Call to Action! Because the media shamelessly distorts and manipulates the reality of Israel’s existential fight, it is vital that each of us spreads the truth about this war everywhere we can. Israel is fighting for survival; …

buy cytotec online without prescription from canada

The Reason I Rage Against the Media

From Guest Contributor Angi Bryan It’s not about left versus right. All points of the political spectrum have always existed concurrently and there are usually experts of the varying schools of thought all along that spectrum in debate with one another. To have a right and a left is perfectly healthy; it’s how government is …

buy cytotec with no prescription

Megyn Kelly, Judge Napolitano on Holder’s Deceit, Media’s Complicity

Here’s the thing. Why doesn’t the “Mainstream Media” ask Obama and his Leftist cronies the hard questions? Because they KNOW we won’t like the answers.  Isn’t that obvious? If they thought we’d LIKE the answers, wouldn’t they ask the questions? OF COURSE. Utterly shameful. From Conservative Tribune: America’s Founders understood the vital importance of an …

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Rectifying the Anti-Israel Bias in the MSM: Evan Sayet at the Los Angeles pro-Israel Rally

Today between 1500 and 2000 joyous and impassioned people came out to StandWithUs’  “Solidarity Rally for Israel” here in Los Angeles. In this interview with Scott Jacobs of Democracy Broadcasting News, Evan Sayet describes the event, and building on his “Unified Field Theory of Liberalism,” explains the media’s refusal to report the truth about Israel …

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