September 12, 2013

A year ago today, we woke up to the news that our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, had been killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi.  Three other men, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, were also killed during the massacre. The details were murky at that time, but there was no question: this was Islamic terrorism.  In fact, other Islamic riots took place in those nations which, we were told, were the beneficiaries of Hillary and Barry’s Kumbayah “Arab Spring,” where peace, love and Jeffersonian democracy were served up to those joyous students who had been protesting in the streets.  Who were we to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood might be playing some role in all this? benghazi-four

But no matter.  Hillary and Barry brought democracy to the Middle East, or so they told us, and our American media sold this outrageous lie to the public.  To object to it was to deny those poor students all that we have here, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

So we had the Arab Spring, which led to the massacre on 9-11.

And what did the President do?   Tell us the truth  – that they KNEW who had done this and why, and that for weeks, days and hours before the attack Ambbassador Stevens had requested assistance, KNOWING that an attack was imminent, even scheduled for that day?  Did President Obama acknowledge those requests, and did he confess that Hillary – yes, that Hillary, the darling of the Democrats – had refused those requests, and others that were sent even during the attack, leaving this man and others to die?


He neither told the truth, nor obfuscated.  In fact, what he did was so outrageous it defies understanding.

He lied.  He lied to all of us. He had the sociopathic immorality to stand in front of the American people and in subsequent days, to stand before the families of those men as well as their very bodies, now in flag-draped caskets, and LIE.  He created a scapegoat, and lied to our faces, over and over.  And the nature of this lie is – or would be, if we weren’t so exhausted by his continued denigration of this nation – breathtaking.

President Obama –  the President of the United States of America, that land of the free and the home of the brave, that nation which has as one of its fundamental pillars of the nation the guaranteeing of our Creator-given right to free speech – this president who took an oath to uphold this constitution, blamed this massacre on a youtube video made by – an American.

He didn’t just make up some random lie, oh no, not this President.  Even if he HAD thought that it was due to a youtube video, which he didn’t, the right, the presidential response would have been to stand up for the right of this man to make such a video, and to excoriate those who might be inflamed into such bloodlust by such a thing, rather than to blame this American who only was exercising his God-given and constitutionally-protected right to create such a video.

Even if it HAD been “caused by” a youtube video, it is the task of the  President of the United States, to stand by the Constitution, not to denigrate the videographer.  The message that a President who believes in his core in the rightness of the Constitution would have given, would have been this: “ In America, we guarantee the God-given right to free speech, and the young man who made this video also has a right to do so.  If there are those who respond to this with violence, then it is they who need to be held accountable, and not the creator of such a film.  We stand behind this young man, and intolerance of the kind that we are witnessing must be fought against.”

Except no.

Except that this president in no way believes any of this.  He knew that it wasn’t due to a youtube video, and deliberately lied about it – most eloquently in fact, and repeatedly.  And in his bones, he does not support free speech – in his bones, in his marrow, he has no use for any aspect of the Constitution whatsoever.  And he stood before the UN and blamed the video:  “”It was a crude and disgusting video. It sparked outrage throughout the muslim world.  I have made it clear the United States government had nothing to do with this video.”

And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood before the caskets of these brave men, and implied that the slaughter in Benghazi was due to the video:  . “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies as a result of an awful internet video”

As Katie Pavlich sums up:  “Hillary Clinton lied, [US Ambassador to the UN Susan] Rice lied, Barack Obama lied, [Press Secretary] Jay Carney lied, the Obama administration lied. The men in Libya were left to die as military forces were told to stand down.”

And this is key:  The media never even blinked.  The administration lied, and the media obediently took out their steno pads and forwarded the Word to us.

The propaganda arm of the administration – of the leftist agenda generally – kicked into high gear and with their usual adulatory zest, told the American people what Obama and Clinton wanted them to hear:  it was a youtube video, nothing to see here, bad stuff happens.

Imagine if this had been a Republican president?


On September 12th, waking up to the news of the massacre, and then the subsequent lying, and the media acting as the obsequious PR arm of the leftist agenda, many of us pretty much went nuts.  We were horrified at what had happened, and we knew why, and then we were assailed with the lies from our President that were propagated by the media.  The layers of betrayal were too much to bear.

WithoNo Lapdog Mediaut the media’s adulation over this “eloquent black man,” the freshman senator from Illinois would never have even become the nominee, let alone the President of the United States of America.  Any superficial digging would have revealed a story that, while exotic, did not demonstrate any kind of attributes that a President ought to have, and in fact, aspects that, had they been exposed to the light of day, would have been deterrents to voters.

How do we know they would have been deterrents?  Because they were withheld.  His college transcripts most certainly would reveal a mediocre student – otherwise they would be easier to get at.  Would they also reveal he was a foreign student?  It’s possible.  But their being so deeply hidden, and the media’s utter disinterest in even that, speaks volumes.  What about telling the story of his brother in Kenya and how Barack did nothing to help him, thus revealing his callousness?  What about exposés on the golden spoon that he has been given for most of his life, emphasizing that in no way has his experience been anything like that of most African-Americans, especially not like that of Trayvon Martin!  That the media didn’t spit its collective coffee over that one is shameful in and of itself.

One could go on for tomes on this, but suffice it to say:  the media lies, covers up, obfuscates, twists, omits, and lies some more in abeyance to this agenda, to this man and those who support him.  And until last September 11th, it was awful and annoying and infuriating and sickening.  But when the media’s complicity contributes to the death of our men, and then their continued complicity keeps in power those who are responsible, it’s time to fight back.

It was out of this disgust at the media that RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA was born.

As long as we have a media that evangelizes for this president and his agenda, Americans are robbed of the truth we need to be responsible citizens.

As long as we have media that does what it can to influence rather than inform us, we will continue to encounter surreal situations such as we’ve been having over this last year, and especially in these last few days.

As long as the media refuses to see that its responsibility is to us, rather than to a leftist “progressive” agenda, our nation will continue to weaken, both domestically and internationally.

Rage Against the Media was created out of that horrific event that took place one year ago, with the purpose of fighting back.

And we are fighting back.  And our numbers are swelling, and we are angrier and angrier.

We have over 7200 members on Facebook (not “likes” but actual, contributing members)

Tony Katz Host of "Tony Katz Tonight"

and we take action in a number of ways.  We hold rallies and protests, and fight back against the lies on Facebook and elsewhere. We distribute flyers, alerting others in our community that they are being betrayed by their media, and that we all have  right to the truth,

And in this year’s time, we have learned a lot.  The most important lesson?DSC_0099

Do not be silent. Where you see or hear lies, speak up. Where you can support the truth, do so.  Too many people shrug off the media – that they’ve always been corrupt, or that “nobody watches anyway”

There has never been corruption of this scale, and too many people DO watch.  Silence is acquiescence.

Fight back