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Rage Against the Media is an activist organization, and we hope to empower citizen activists everywhere to help this fight for honest journalism.

buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec

buy online cytotec 200 mcg

From buy cytotec:

Our facebook group is unique in maintaining its focus on actively fighting media corruption.  We share articles about the corrupt media that aren’t usually found elsewhere.  We also share articles about stories that aren’t generally covered by the MSM.  BUT – we don’t just share them among ourselves-we take these articles and post them to MSM FB pages so that their readers are made aware of the truth.  JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP and add your voice!

One of our BEST tactics, however, is the buy cytotec 200mcg where we swarm the MSM sites as a group, generally about a specific topic (Benghazi, Obamacare) but sometimes more generally (the collection of scandals, for example).  Join our FB group and join our buy cytotec online made in america!  We’re also ramping up our twitter presence and activism for more “fast attack” tactics.

HonestJournalism Our “SHAME THE LIARS” Initiative:

RATM is beginning buy cytotec online uk where we target specific journalists for egregious bias, dishonesty, manipulation, inaccuracies, or other violations of their duty as journalists.  Stay tuned for specifics about how you can help.



RATM has createdbuy cytotec online without prescription from canada in libraries, at coffee shops, tape to gas pumps- wherever people will see them!  This is easy, anonymous, and lets people know that they are being DUPED.  Alternatively, you can head to a mall, a train station, anywhere people are and hand them out with a smile.

buy cytotec online without prescription Add to our RAGE collection

People all across the country are enraged at the lying media, but don’t always know how they can express it – there might not be protests nearby, or they might be too hard to get to.  But anybody can make a SIGN, head on down to a local media outlet (station, newspaper) and take have a friend take a picture of you with your sign -or even, just take a picture of your sign.  Then send it to us and buy cytotec no prescription


Whenever you see something printed or posted that is UNTRUE, CORRECT IT!  Don’t let the media create a false narrative- they are masters at that and it is up to US – EACH ONE OF US – to let the media know that they just can’t get away with it anymore. We deserve the TRUTH, and if the media can’t be bothered to report it, it’s up to US.

RALLIES AND PROTESTS – buy real cytotec and buy misoprostol australia

buy misoprostol cheap without perscriptionRage Against the Media holds buy cytotec online of various forms – protests in front of network headquarters, flashmobs at newspapers or TV stations, and rallies that include speakers, music, and a lot of planning.  RATM stands ready to help buy cytotec online 200 mcg no prescription or rally; if one occurs in YOUR town, PLEASE participate and let your voice be heard!  Even a few people with signs and flyers can make a difference – talk to your local Tea Party or GOP group and see if you can find 5 people to join you on a Saturday morning!  Get out there and BE HEARD!!


Action.  Activism.  That’s us.

Join us and fight back.