One of the things that continues to surprise us is how few people are aware of all the lies and scandals that are going on right now – FURTHER PROOF of the power of the media to HIDE, COVER-UP, and/or DOWN-PLAY anything to do with what doesn’t fit their agenda.  The general public’s ignorance is in part (ONLY in part, but still) due to the media’s complicity in furthering this agenda.

RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA has created flyers that anyone can DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and POST in coffee shops, pizza places, anywhere where people might grab one or read it on a bulletin board. 

Here is  the most recent – we will be updating these as required.   This way ANYBODY can help spread the truth and point out the media’s refusal to do so.

click here to see our January 2014 flyer

Download it, print as many copies as you like, and go ahead!  POST THEM! 
If WE don’t point out the lies, then WHO WILL?