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Lou Dobbs and Sharyl Attkisson: Why the Media Chooses to be Lapdogs, Not Watchdogs

Sharyl Attkisson, who until she left CBS a few months ago was the one mainstream media journalist with sufficient integrity to pursue stories that might show this administration in a less than favorable light, spoke with Lou Dobbs about why the media generally has chosen to be lapdogs, rather than the watchdogs we require them …

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More People Trust Jon Stewart for News than MSNBC, Poll Shows

The newly-released Brookings Institution study on Americans’ immigration views included the question “Which of the following television news sources do you trust the most to provide accurate information about politics and current events?”  The left-leaning institution polled 1,538 adults, controlling for national party affiliation and other factors to ensure a representative sample. The results: 25% — Fox …

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