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NYT’s Shocking Disclosure: Obama’s Administration is Exceptionally non-Transparent.

In what will come as shocking news to nobody, it seems this Administration is proving to be exceptionally opaque and secretive in its dealings with the press.  Jill Abamson, the executive editor of the New York Times, told John Hockenberry host of The Takeaway,  “The Obama years are a benchmark for a new level of secrecy …

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RATM’s Top 10 Media Travesties of 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year.  The Top Ten list time.  Here’s ours:  the top ten travesties from our “mainstream media.”  Generally, these are stories that were either ignored or else distorted; either way, the media failed in its duty to their readers and/or viewers by denying us the opportunity to make up our own …

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The NYT: All the News that the White House Deems Fit to Print

While many lament the prevalence of “low information voters,”  we at RATM concern ourselves more with the “misinformed voter,”  those Americans who actually do take the time to inform themselves by watching the news or sacrificing all day Sunday to pore over the self-important New York Times., but who are betrayed by these “news” sources …

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