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The Gosnell Filmmakers Already Demonstrate Ingenuity, Fearlessness with New Billboard

We at RATM are speechless with admiration.  Filmmaker Phelim McAleer is sending a big message to Kickstarter. In protest of the crowd-funding site’s “censorship” of his TV movie project about convicted abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, McAleer commissioned a bold billboard near Kickstarter’s Brooklyn headquarters. In protest of the crowd-funding site’s “censorship” of his TV movie …

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Smashing Through the MSM Gatekeepers: Over a Million Dollars Already Pledged for Gosnell Movie

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for The Gosnell Movie has just blasted past the million dollar mark, on its way to the $2.1 million required for the film to be made. For a number of obvious reasons, the Mainstream Media hid the riveting, deeply tragic story of the mass-murdering abortionist from us by refusing to cover …

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Help Stop the Censorship of the Gosnell Trial: Your Chance to be Part of Something Amazing

The deliberate cover-up by the mainstream media of the Kermit Gosnell trial is a perfect case-study of all we need to know about leftists’ deceitful tactics to promulgate their agenda.  This trial had all the components of an emotionally captivating news story:  a trial, deaths, babies, shock value, tragedy – a story that one would …

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It’s your turn, MSM

Imagine you’re a TV or radio news broadcaster, humming along happily, doing what you can to help further the agenda you know to be the One True Path to peace, love and everything good .  You cover what you’re supposed to:  Chris Christie’s Bridgegate ; Wendy Davis’ “principled stand” for “women’s health issues” i.e. late …

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RATM’s Top 10 Media Travesties of 2013

Yes, it’s that time of year.  The Top Ten list time.  Here’s ours:  the top ten travesties from our “mainstream media.”  Generally, these are stories that were either ignored or else distorted; either way, the media failed in its duty to their readers and/or viewers by denying us the opportunity to make up our own …

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