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Spread The Truth about Israel: It’s Up To US ****UPDATED***

***UPDATED with NEW LINKS courtesy of our contributor from Israel  *** ***SEE BELOW FOR NEW LINKS AND RESOURCES*** Call to Action! Because the media shamelessly distorts and manipulates the reality of Israel’s existential fight, it is vital that each of us spreads the truth about this war everywhere we can. Israel is fighting for survival; …

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Spread The Truth about Israel: It’s Up To US

***UPDATED with NEW LINKS courtesy of our contributor from Israel  *** ***SEE BELOW FOR NEW LINKS AND RESOURCES*** Call to Action! Because the media shamelessly distorts and manipulates the reality of Israel’s existential fight, it is vital that each of us spreads the truth about this war everywhere we can. Israel is fighting for survival; …

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Rectifying the Anti-Israel Bias in the MSM: Evan Sayet at the Los Angeles pro-Israel Rally

Today between 1500 and 2000 joyous and impassioned people came out to StandWithUs’  “Solidarity Rally for Israel” here in Los Angeles. In this interview with Scott Jacobs of Democracy Broadcasting News, Evan Sayet describes the event, and building on his “Unified Field Theory of Liberalism,” explains the media’s refusal to report the truth about Israel …

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MSM Reporting on Israel-Hamas Conflict Exactly Wrong. Fight Back!

Mike Smith

The Crisis in Israel **CLICK HERE FOR MORE RECENT STORIES FROM ACCURATE STORIES – FIGHT BACK WITH THE TRUTH *** The mainstream media’s narrative regarding Israel’s self defense is, as expected, completely and utterly false. If you rely on them for the news, this is what you know about the current situation in Israel and …

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