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Biased reporting? Complain to the FCC!

Hmmm….. all this talk about calling in the FCC to monitor newsrooms gives us an idea.  Not that we want them monitored, mind you – not at all.  But they have a mechanism for complaining about “rigging or slanting the news” so it would be wrong of us not to speak up, right? From the …

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The FCC overreach: top articles

In our continuing effort to empower with the truth, here is an aggregation of some of the best articles on the FCC overreach and reports of their “backing off.” From FCC Commissioner Ajit Pac in the WSJ, the article that seems to have started the outrage and successful pushback: The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom …

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It’s your turn, MSM

Imagine you’re a TV or radio news broadcaster, humming along happily, doing what you can to help further the agenda you know to be the One True Path to peace, love and everything good .  You cover what you’re supposed to:  Chris Christie’s Bridgegate ; Wendy Davis’ “principled stand” for “women’s health issues” i.e. late …

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Imagine if George Bush had done this

Yeah, we all know about the double-standard.  Actually, can we not call it that anymore?  Can we agree that the media doesn’t just hold the Democrats to a “different” set of standards than it does Republicans?  Can we just recognize that the purpose of too many “journalists” is to advance the leftist agenda, and destroy …

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“Transparency in Journalism” Ballot Initiative

We all know the media is biased.  Actually, biased is too mild a word.  It’s way beyond biased. It’s corrupt.  It’s depraved, dishonest, deceitful.  And deliberately so. We know this.  Here are just a few statistics, from Tim Groseclose’s seminal book on media bias, Left Turn: —In  a typical presidential election, Washington correspondents vote about …

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