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“Sorry” isn’t enough, Mr.Bashir. #FireBashirNow

  While some are content with Martin Bashir’s 2-minute “mea culpa”  RATM continues to fight for this man to suffer some consequences for his vitriol.  As long as he is on the air, MSNBC and its sponsors are condoning his abuse of his anchor position.  Let’s not forget that Alec Baldwin was suspended for making …

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Hey Jay! Your bias is showing! Lately, Jay Leno had seemed to sort of be awakening from the typical leftist Obama stupor, poking fun at him to the extent that some suspect these less-than-adulatory references underlay his being fired from the Tonight Show.  But last Friday put any suspicions of an awakening Leno to rest.   This …

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Armistice Day

That Armistice Day – the day intended to commemorate the “end” of the “War to End All Wars” in 1918- has become Veterans’ Day speaks to the reality that past and present efforts to avoid war by adopting either a weak or disinterested posture have failed. There will always be evil; there will always be …

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A few tidbits from the MSM

A few screen captures from Mainstream Media sites that indicate the kind of hate that they sow, and that we are fighting against.   Answers included “that they exist” and “that they breathe.” HuffPo deliberately sows hatred of one group of Americans, and their readers jump in with both feet. What if they asked this …

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Ethics Hotline – Let’s use it!

The Society of Professional Journalists has a code of ethics that, if it were actually followed, would leave groups such as this one with not a thing to do. The preamble of the code reads: Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of …

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