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The Reason I Rage Against the Media

From Guest Contributor Angi Bryan It’s not about left versus right. All points of the political spectrum have always existed concurrently and there are usually experts of the varying schools of thought all along that spectrum in debate with one another. To have a right and a left is perfectly healthy; it’s how government is …

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The NYTimes Doing What it Does Best: Propagandizing for Obama

It was once known as the ‘grey lady’. It was once influential. It was once revered and respected. Now it is a shell of its once formidable self. It is the New York Times, now best used to train puppies on. In an opinion piece today, a piece that comes complete with pom poms and …

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Trump: Press Is Among the Most Dishonest Institutions

Never one to mince words, Donald Trump lights into the dishonest media.  From Politico: “Most of the press, the liberal press in particular, does not want to talk about Benghazi,” Trump said. “And they want to protect anybody involved with respect to Benghazi.” Among those the media are trying to protect, he said, is former …

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GASP! Dishonest Talking Points on Benghazi Originated in White House

#Benghazi The truth is finally starting to come out.  But as has happened before, all too many times, the MSM chooses to sweep it all under a rug, and will do so as long as they can.  But the massacre in Benghazi and the lies that surround it are too important to be shunted aside; …

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Relevance: How relevant is it anymore?

“Which Classic Disney Movie is Most Like Your Life?”   “Which Decade do you Actually Belong in?”  “Who Were You in a Past Life?”  “Which Spongebob Character Are You?” These are just a sampling of “quizzes” on one website or another, mostly Buzzfeed, and I see them trickle down my Facebook Newsfeed.  They all share two …

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