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Megyn Kelly, Judge Napolitano on Holder’s Deceit, Media’s Complicity

Here’s the thing. Why doesn’t the “Mainstream Media” ask Obama and his Leftist cronies the hard questions? Because they KNOW we won’t like the answers.  Isn’t that obvious? If they thought we’d LIKE the answers, wouldn’t they ask the questions? OF COURSE. Utterly shameful. From Conservative Tribune: America’s Founders understood the vital importance of an …

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Economic Facts the Media is Hiding From You

Here is yet another example of how the media does what it can to craft a reality that is, well, not real.  Put another way, this is further evidence that the media propagandizes rather than reports. From IJReview: The two main measures of inflation that the media and government use show 39% and 32% increases …

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Don’t forget: Hillary’s State Department Knew of Benghazi Danger, Ignored It, Lied About it

Of course they all want this to just go away.  It must truly rankle, how the media’s complicit silence on the Benghazi massacre and cover-up has been circumvented by Judicial Watch, propelling this back into the limelight.  The whole “Nothing to see here, move on, move on” whitewashing (can we say whitewashing?  is that racist?) …

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The Media’s Incestuous Relationship witih the Obama Administration

In case you were wondering why the media is, shall we say, “reluctant” to report on the massacre in Benghazi, let alone investigate it, here you go.    Image credit:  

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Newsbusters: Media covering up the cover-up of Benghazi

Imagine if the Benghazi massacre had occurred with a Republican in the White House, rather than their annointed, “historical” messianic hero.  Just imagine.  Would the original lie about the youtube video have even gone unchecked? What about the fundraiser and Letterman appearance that occurred in the days right after the slaughter of our four men …

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