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Tomorrow, Saturday April 26th, Rage Against the Media is hosting our first “Flashmob for Truth” at a mall in Los Angeles. The idea is this:  Imagine you’re at a mall – strolling around with your family or friends, wishing you had some money so you could actually buy something, and you hear a ruckus behind …

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What Do We Want? THE TRUTH! When Do We Want it? NOW!

Imagine you’re at a mall – strolling around with your family or friends, wishing you had some money so you could actually buy something, and you hear a ruckus behind you. You turn, and see five, perhaps 10, maybe even more, cheerfully dressed men and women, not quite walking but not exactly dancing, either, weaving …

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MSM FB pages and guidelines

Here are a few guidelines for posting on mainstream media sites: 1) Generally speaking, most sites don’t allow posting, and if they do, they’re pushed off to the side.  So we recommend commenting in article threads – it’s  more effective than posting.  2) We also suggest going through the threads and “liking” those comments you …

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Now More Than Ever

By our guest contributor Angi Bryan  People are waking up.  One of the most visible reflections of this is the fact that mainstream media is beginning to take a nose dive: MSNBC and CNN have lost almost half their viewership since this time last year.  Some outlets are desperately scrambling to save face now that …

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