You can be sure Carol Costello would react with HORROR if it were anybody but a Palin in near-hysterical anguish as she describes being physically and verbally assaulted at a party.  It is inconceivable for ANYONE to find any humor in this recording of Bristol Palin.  And yet the left’s dehumanizing of everyone connected with this family has reached a new, frankly incomprehensible low as CNN reporter – CNN!  Not some no-name democrat operative, but CNN! – Carol Costello gleefully – GLEEFULLY!  – reacts to this young woman’s description of being hit, dragged,sworn at and injured at a party.   This piece from Breitbart includes subsequent reactions from the Palin family and CNN.

We ask ourselves how the Holocaust could have happened, how people didn’t rise up in defense of the Jews.  Part of the answer is that the ruling power and their propaganda arm of the media had been successful in dehumanizing that sector of the population – the Jews were effectively deemed sub-human.  What we are seeing right here, RIGHT HERE, in Carol Costello’s deeply vile commentary, is a huge step in the direction of seeing a class of people as sub-human and therefore not worthy of our sympathy.  When Martin Bashir attacked Sarah Palin, that was a reprehensible thing.  To listen and revel in this young woman’s pain is a step even beyond Bashir.   And for someone from a trusted news source to use her pulpit to propagate this kind of hateful bigotry, when she deliberately, with forethought, malice and willful hostility, treats this young woman as less than human, and does so with the seeming confidence that her viewers agree with her, that must be stopped.   In fact, she tells us: ” Sit back and enjoy!”  This enjoining us to be as depraved as her is  among the most chilling bits of  mainstream media hate-speech imaginable. 

And meanwhile, you can be sure that Carol Costello and her ilk are among the loudest screamers against the GOP for this supposed “War on Women” and for “Equal treatment” and so on, and yet is one of the most depraved, bigoted, misogynistic people on the air today.  If it had been anybody but a Palin, you can be sure this would not have crossed her mind, and if someone were to do the same to anyone other than a Palin, they’d have been fired in the blink of an eye.  She “apologized,” not, of course, to Bristol Palin but for some bizarre reason to Politico, for “joking,” but even this is a further belittling of what she actually did.  This was not joking, this was fomenting hate, this was depraved indifference towards the anguish of Bristol Palin over her being assaulted.  Joking?  She encouraged us to enjoy Bristol’s pain with her?  Joking?  No.

If CNN chooses not to fire this person, then they are complicit in this demonization of women,  profound bigotry and discrimination, and would be aiding and abetting hate-speech of the most vicious kind. 

Join RATM’s campaign to get CNN to do the right thing and #FireCarolCostello Now. 

We’re tweeting, and swarming her Facebook page:  and @CarolCNN

Join us.  Silence is complicity.

H/T  The Daily Signal

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