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Edward Cage: Proud Conservative TruthTeller

Edward Cage has been on our radar for quite a while because of his brash, unapologetic posts and video clips on Facebook.  An outspoken black conservative who radiates power, conviction and a  profound love of this country, Edward has long stood out because of his refusal to succumb to cultural pressures and instead to live …

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Black Leader Edward Cage Condemns Irresponsible Culture

Black leader Edward Cage was interviewed at TruthFest 2014 by Democracy Broadcasting’s Scott Jacobs.  This eloquent speaker embodies the saying “The Truth Shall Set You Free” and his fierce truth-telling is bound to offend some but awaken others.  But that’s what TruthFest was about: the fearless and proud expression of the truth, even when it …

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The Dehumanization Has Reached a New Low: Fire Carol Costello NOW

You can be sure Carol Costello would react with HORROR if it were anybody but a Palin in near-hysterical anguish as she describes being physically and verbally assaulted at a party.  It is inconceivable for ANYONE to find any humor in this recording of Bristol Palin.  And yet the left’s dehumanizing of everyone connected with …

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