Yeah, we all know about the double-standard.  Actually, can we not call it that anymore?  Can we agree that the media doesn’t just hold the Democrats to a “different” set of standards than it does Republicans?  Can we just recognize that the purpose of too many “journalists” is to advance the leftist agenda, and destroy everything to do with the right?  “Standards” have nothing to do with it – agenda is all.

That said, we have this from MRC:

“Where is the mainstream media on this?” Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard pleaded on Tuesday’s Special Report with Bret Baier in reference to President Obama’s latest decision to change the ObamaCare law. “Can you imagine if this were George W. Bush? I mean, we would be talking about a constitutional crisis, front page New York Times splashed above the fold, ‘George W. Bush: Dictator President.’ You’re seeing none of that.”  read more here

Exactly so.  I urge each of us to remind each “journalist” of this outrageous hypocrisy and abdiction of journalistic responsibility whenever this kind of thing occurs.  Double standard?  HA!  No standards at all.