Here are a few guidelines for posting on mainstream media sites:

1) Generally speaking, most sites don’t allow posting, and if they do, they’re pushed off to the side.  So we recommend commenting in article threads – it’s  more effective than posting. 
2) We also suggest going through the threads and “liking” those comments you agree with, perhaps engaging or rebutting with those you take exception to. 
3) Repeated posts/comments get flagged as spam
4) Commenting in ALL CAPS also gets flagged as spam and also gets IGNORED.

5) try not to resort to the tactics they favor i.e. making personal attacks.  Be clear, be factual

So head on over.  Be a “troll for truth” and break their monopoly on the narrative.

Here are the pages. 

These: ABC News

ABC World News w/ Diane Sawyer:

ABC This Week

CBS News

CBS Evening News w/ Scott Pelley

CBS Sunday Morning


CNN Politics

CNN State Of The Union

NBC News

NBC Nightly News w/ Brian Williams

NBC Meet the Press


NBC Politics:

CBS News site:

CBS News Politics:

ABC News:  ** they are quick to restrict commenting access**


HuffPo (a warning here – pull on your waders and gloves, and arm yourself with your beverage of choice before heading over here) 

NY Times

LA Times

Washington Post

Generally we don’t bother with msnbc.  they have no pretense at objectivity.  But in the interest of completeness here you go