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Common Core: As with all Leftist Ideas, Media Exposure Brings Resistance

The America Enterprise Institute released an analysis of media coverage of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  Article highlights:      Not only were the standards not mentioned even though tens of millions of students were going to be affected by them, but also the coverage in no way anticipated any of the controversy that …

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Mitt was Right, But Too Bad the Media Campaigned for Obama

Imagine if the media had covered the election honestly.  Imagine if the media had covered ANYTHING honestly. From H/T Pat Dollard –   American Tragedy: Romney was right Just imagine. This isn’t one political party against another; this is a political party vs. an ideology-driven media.

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L.A.Times, Salon Getting Creative with Obamacare Numbers

The LA Times today published an Obamacare puff piece that had inflated the enrollment numbers even higher than the White House itself has, and did so through a complicated set of contortions.  (Thankfully, Salon picked up the article so we can stay on this side of the paywall.)  Their point:  OBAMACARE IS A GREAT THING!  …

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