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buy non prescription drugs generic cytotecRage Against the Media was born as an activist organization.  In fact, originally we only set out to facilitate what we thought was an obvious response to the attack on Benghazi in 2012:  have nationwide protests against the lying and deceitful media whose coverage of Hillary’s “Arab Spring” only fomented ignorance by their avoiding reporting on the real power and impetus behind the wave of unrest in the Middle East:  the Muslim Brotherhood; and then which protected the president and Secretary of State Clinton as they fabricated and propagated the cover-story of the youtube video.

For the Fourth Estate to be so eager to be the mouthpiece of the administration had always been startling; but their lapdog sycophancy was beyond inexcusable now that our men were dying.

So we took to the streets in outrage, holding our first protest at CBS in Los Angeles on October 20, 2012, certain that within 4 weeks’ time, Mitt Romney would be elected our next president and that our role would only be to ensure that his new policies be given a fair treatment in the press. 

How wrong we were. 

At RATM, our reaction to the re-election of Barack Obama was that we clearly hadn’t started fighting the media soon enough, and we redoubled our efforts.  Since then, we have held 3 other protests, a major rally, and have been extremely active in social media.

Links to our past events are here:
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buy cytotec
buy cytotec 200mcg
Federal Building, August 2013

–  buy cytotec online made in america
buy cytotec online uk

And what we have coming up:
Stay tuned for our FESTIVAL OF TRUTH in October here in Los Angeles

We STILL would like to see a wave of protests and rallies across the country – if you are interested in helping stage one in your town or city, please contact us at and we’ll do what we can to set you up!