Since the media’s successful propagandizing to ensure the re-election of Barack Obama, members of RATM have experienced, as have others, a range of emotion from depression-induced catatonia, to frenzy seeking a target.  After the initial shock played itself out, RATM staged a new Facebook Flashmob, again, focused on the cover-up of the events in Benghazi, a horror that, had we had a Republican president, would have brought him or her down.

But the media ignored it before the election, and will of course do its best to ignore it now, or, worse, paint it as an irrelevance or  a GOP political ploy, rather than do its best to actually investigate and report on what happened and the subsequent White House cover-up.

So today, we organized another flashmob focused on the Benghazi cover-up.

We posted a Facebook invitation around 1pm, and by 2 pm when we started, we had nearly 100 people “attending.”  Each half hour, we focused on a different main-stream media site, starting with NBC, then ABC, CBS, CNN, and Huffington Post.  By the time we stopped at 4:30, we had 317 people “attending” the “event,” and at least 30 people were actively posting on these sites.

I don’t understand how this can be so, but the energy on our page was palpable.  We went from despair and catatonia to being engaged in an activity that is not only fun, but critically important.  By posting on Facebook pages en masse, we show the media that we are watching, but we also share real information to others on their page.  Will we convert followers of the MSM?  Well, I couldn’t say…. but we at least show them that there is another world out here, a world of facts and of people concerned about the deaths of four Americans and the subsequent lies and cover-up.

By posting the facts, we demonstrate that there is a truth out there that the media has decided to hide from us.  All we ask is that the media respect their readers and entrust us with the facts, with the truth, instead of being the gatekeeper propaganda machine that they have been getting away with.

Not surprisingly, our posts disappear nearly as quickly as we post them….  but we are persistent, and we are clearly being heard.

While we inject truth into their article threads, however, we do draw responses that are horrifying, and that also make clearer why we lost on Tuesday.  The ignorance, ugliness, hatefulness and basic lashing out that are revealed explain the re-election of president Obama.

But it also makes clear why we need to do this.

We’ll be doing this again tomorrow and we’ll record some of the “better” responses.

This is only one of the efforts underway at RATM….since the election, we are gearing up for a number of activities.  The media’s complicity must be checked.