Rush Limbaugh hits this dead-on. 

I get frustrated when I hear people expecting the media to behave fairly and differently than they are.  It isn’t gonna happen.  They’re not media, folks!  They work in media and they do quote/unquote “the news.”  But they’re politically activists now.  They’re really not even hiding that very well.  They are perpetuating and advancing the Obama agenda, the Democrat Party agenda. 

That’s their purpose. 

The left has succeeded in taking over journalism schools.  As such, they’ve taken over the education of journalists.  Now journalists are not educated in journalism; they are educated in liberal activism.  It’s just that simple.  And because they’re educated by liberals, they’re not educated to learn.  They’re not educated to be open-minded and curious.  They’re not sponges absorbing things.  They are activists who are moving a cause. 

They were all, at one time in their lives, young.  They were very impressionable, wanted to get into journalism ’cause they wanted to change the world, or they wanted to do whatever powerful things they thought being a journalist allowed them to do. So they go to the j-schools, and the  j-schools have been totally taken over (like every other big-time university department) by the left.  You know, it’s often said that Harvard and the Ivy League is the training ground for young liberals to end up in government in the bureaucracy. 

Well, journalism school is the training ground for young liberals to end up in the media.  They’re all the same.  They just have different assignments, job-wise.  So whatever happens in the world is going to be shaped — how it’s told, how the story is told is gonna be shaped — by, “How can it help or protect Democrats and how can it harm Republicans?”  It’s no more complicated than that.  If we could just get people to see that’s what media has become, then we would make some progress here in curing low-information-itis. 

The problem is the people in the media also are low-information, as evidenced by their total, total ignorance on global warming.  ‘Cause, see, that’s not a news story that has facts that you can acquire and learn and report the truth about.  That is a cause of the left to be advanced.  The Matt Drudge story illustrates their ignorance of taxes. I mean, this is perhaps the perfect story to illustrate, A, how ignorant they are; B, how cause oriented they are. 

 Drudge tweeted on Friday something damaging to Obama.  They had to destroy Drudge and what he said in order to protect Obama.  This penalty thing for not having insurance, that’s bad. Everything about Obamacare is a negative, and anybody who gets a negative aspect of it out with credibility has got to be destroyed, ruined, or corrected. ‘Cause it’s all about protecting Obama, pure and simple, no matter where you go in the Drive-By Media. 

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But the thing, Rush, is this:  yes, they are activists.  But so are we.  And their blind propagandizing only works when their readers, listeners, viewers, are unaware that they are being LIED TO.  This is one of the ways RATM fights back:  we don’t just whine about it. We take action.