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Q:  What do Obamacare, Common Core, Agenda 21 and Barry Soetoro-Obama all have in common?

A:  The truth about each of these Leftist vehicles for control HAD to be hidden while they were shoved down our throats.

And the truth WAS effectively hidden by the media, deliberately and with malice aforethought, knowing that to do otherwise, to reveal the truth, would only result in our rejecting of each one of these.  Most certainly, had we known was was in the bill we’d have rejected Obamacare (a majority never did want it anyway), we’re rejecting Common Core the more we learn about it, and of course if the truth had been out about Choom-gang Barry including how hard it is to GET at the truth, he never would have become  the Democrat nominee, let alone president of the United States of America.  To have investigated and accurately reported on any of these, to have shared the TRUTH about any of these, would have guaranteed their failure and that was impermissible by those who support the Leftist agenda.  ONLY by lying do their ideas prevail.  And they KNOW this.

Consider these too: What about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the current flood of illegal immigrants ( a cohort in the tens of thousands that we know includes murderous gang members and that it is fair to assume also includes terrorists from the turmoil of the middle east, not to mention sheer numbers of children and untold diseases), our abdication of a hard-won victorious position of power and stabilizing influence in the middle east, the reality of Hamas’ war on Israel, the reality of Islam generally?

The truth of each of these has also been hidden in order to conceal from the American people the realities and consequences of a leftist agenda bent on weakening the United States in the infantile fantasyland paradigm that somehow sees borders and a power hierarchy as the impediment to “world peace.”

And domestically, what about the “War on Poverty,” the facts about the civil rights movement, the state of our inner cities, actual crime statistics, actual unemployment statistics,  the facts about minimum wage hikes, about the influence of unions, and on and on and on?

Yep.  you guessed it.  The truth about any of this would derail every leftist idea.  Every single one.

Of course there are plenty of other examples, but these suffice to make the point:

The TRUTH is on OUR SIDE, which is why the left LIES: it’s the ONLY WAY they can prevail.

By “the Left” we include, of course, the media that is their sales force, their PR team, their Don Draper of “Mad Men” advertising. Pick the message, appeal to emotions, cut out what doesn’t support it and manipulate whatever you have to attain their goals.

Think about this too:  An agenda that can only succeed through deliberate dishonesty is an agenda that destroys, and we are seeing the destruction right now.  Their “victories” are defeats for all of us, and every day we are experiencing the consequences of these defeats.   Every single program, policy, statistic, narrative cited above doesn’t just hurt those on the right.  We’re not partisan here.  The DAMAGE caused by the lies hurts every American.

The TRUTH is on our side.

And they know it.

Which is why they lie

Which is why Rage Against the Media exists.

And which is why RATM, together with PopModal Videos, is hosting a TRUTHFEST here in Los Angeles on October 11th.

Because while the TRUTH is on our side, they are too effective at keeping it hidden, so it’s up to US, each of us, to BE THE MEDIA and ensure that the truth is told.

TruthFest 2014 is designed to provide us with tactics for fighting the lies and for disseminating the truth.  While we will have featured speakers who will rally and inspire us (names to be announced soon)  TruthFest will be predominantly an event where you’ll be trained in  6 aspects of being that “torch of truth” that we all need to be.  We all KNOW the truth is on our side but feel powerless as to what to do about it.
TruthFest will empower.

There will be more, MUCH more information coming soon.  But for now, save the date:  OCTOBER 11th here in Los Angeles.

Please help make this happen – our indiegogo campaign JUST WENT LIVE and we need your support!

To find out how you can help, email us at TruthFest2014@gmail.com



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