In recent weeks I’ve watched two independent movies that expose the truth about what goes on along our southern border.  Daily, the issue becomes more and more relevant, and these could not be more timely. 

Border States of America

The first, released and premiered just last night, is Ground Floor Video’s Border States of America, a gripping documentary about the beyond-belief horrors along our border as a result of policies sold to us as humanitarian but that are, in fact, the anything but.  If our media had chosen, ever, to do any substantive investigative reporting of this issue, a film like this would be superfluous – the truth about the dangers of an open border would have been known, and by now would have been addressed.  There is no doubt that the concealment of these realities by the media is deliberate, and we are grateful to the Tea Party Patriots for sponsoring  the creation of this film so that the facts about the “collapse of southern border and the impact of illegal immigration on every American” are revealed.

Read more about the film herehere and here.  It is available in its entirely on youtube, and we urge you to watch and share it.  Of course, many of us have friends, family and co-workers who pride themselves on their tolerance yet who are certain that any film sponsored by the Tea Party must be an utter fabrication.  We suggest you ask them to just watch it and be sure to let you know what part or parts they disagree with – the film is gripping enough to hold anyone’s attention and even to change minds.  As they say in the movie, this isn’t a red issue or a blue issue, but a red, white and blue issue. 



The Arroyo

The fictional  The Arroyo came out earlier this year.   Created by Bill Whittle and Jeremy Boering’s Declaration Entertainment,  it is also about the tragic consequences of a federal government whose policies not only fail to protect the border and American citizens, but which also are the causes of the crisis.  A deeply moving film, it, too, reveals truths that our media refuses to report on. 


Find the whole film here

Imagine how different this country would be if our media – our national news media – had ever reported any of this.   Just imagine. 

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