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Watch, enjoy, and share – these are too good to keep to yourself!

Ann-Marie Murrell’s break-up ballad –  get out your tissues, this will break your heart!  




 Dwight Schultz will stun you.  I’m not kidding. 




buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec



Eric Golub buy online cytotec 200 mcg– his opening especially will have you roaring!




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Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit – buy cytotec 200mcg!  




buy cytotec online made in america


Be sure not to miss Andrew Marcus – reminding us why this such an important fight.




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Kira Davis, bringing the house down with her savvy and her passion!




buy cytotec online without prescription from canada


David Spady, sharing a Want Ad for a Mainstream Media reporter.  Hilarious – except for how true it is! 




buy cytotec online without prescription


Tony Katz – on fire as only Tony can be!





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Doctor Gina Loudon shares her own unique experience with the disgracefully dishonest and manipulative media – as well as her hopes for fighting back here in California





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Radio talk show host Mark Isler, fuming about the lies the media feeds us



buy misoprostol australia


Kender MacGowan, our Poet Laureate, ever so succinctly hits the nail on the head 




buy misoprostol cheap without perscription


Comedian and author Evan Sayet,  running the gamut from outrage to humor and back again





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 with special thanks to Tony Torres, our Master of Ceremonies:









David Brayton and his team for keeping the peace:

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Diane Tavarez and Jen for all their help:

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Ben Ghazi and the Black List for their energizing music:

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Engle and Graham for their patriotism, commitment and rousing performance

Marc Langsam for his photography!

and finally, Jeffers Dodge/PopModal Videos for these outstanding videosbuy cytotec online with no prescription