RATM’s new initiative:
Hold “Journalists” Accountable

We will be starting a new initiative in the next few days:  finding the email and street addresses of those “journalists” who advocate rather than inform.  These lists will cover the entire United States, in markets both local and national.


What we have  is the press voluntarily giving up its first amendment protection and deciding of its own accord to be a propaganda arm of those in power.  We’re here to help remind them of why freedom of the press is part of the very first amendment, and how critical it is that they avail themselves of this freedom.

And especially, we will remind them of their journalistic responsibility, we’ll alert them to the fact that we are watching them, and let them know that we are holding them accountable for the objectivity of their reporting.  For too long they’ve gotten away with treating us like fools; that time has come to an end.

As James Simpson wrote in December about publishing journalists’ names and addresses:

“This is the kind of thing that needs to be done on a regular basis to highlight the despicable, rank partisanship of today’s “mainstream” media. They are hypocritical, indefensibly biased, and arrogant beyond the pale. They have also shown themselves to be shamelessly, dangerously dishonest in their misinformation and suppression of news unflattering to the Obama administration and the Democrats over Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Fiscal Cliff, and too many other issues of national import to mention.”

And the list just gets longer and longer.

Stay tuned – lists coming shortly. 

It’s time for this to get personal.