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Reporting on the Reporters: An Inside Look at the Enemy Camp

August 30, 2013

Last Saturday I found myself driving to the Society of Professional Journalists’ “Excellence in Journalism” convention.  As the director of “Rage Against the Media,” an activist group dedicated to fighting media corruption and to promoting responsible journalism, attending this conference was clearly something I had to do.  read more….
Politichicks Proudly Stands by Dr. Gina Loudon and Family
by Ann-Marie Murrell, March 22

When you’re given immense gifts in life, very few people know how to use them to their fullest extent. Vincent Van Gogh was a brilliant artist but he never understood how to market and sell his work; as a result, he died penniless, having sold only one of his paintings during his lifetime. Child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also died broke, never experiencing the benefits of his genius. Perhaps out of fear, laziness, or indifference, many people born with such gifts either ignore them or under utilize them. 

But who sees all our work? Other conservatives. Other than the great Dr. Karen Siegemund, who dives directly into “enemy territory” and stages “Rage Against the Media” protests in front of major TV and movie studios, very few of us actually engage with the Left at all. And frankly the only reason liberals ever visit any of our conservative websites or listen to our conservative radio shows is to laugh at and/or ridicule us.  …read more

Anti-Media Bias Group to Protest Al Gore and CNN Next Week
by Politichicks, February 7, 2013

On February 11, anti-media bias organization Rage Against the Media is going to protest Al Gore’s lecture at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.

The RATM website says, “Join us…as we give Al ‘Al-Jazeera’ Gore the welcome he deserves!  We’ll be at the Saban Theatre at 6PM with our signs, our costumes and our voices!”.  …read more

Warning to Mainstream Media: You Will Not Get Away With Your Lies & Deceit
By Kyle Becker on Nov 04, 2012

Mainstream media are living in fantasy land if they think they’re going to get away with the shameless stream of lies and deceit propagated on behalf of their anointed one: Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm). There is a comeuppance, a reckoning if you will, heading for you elitist journoliars after the smoke clears from this election…read more

Liberal Racism Towards Black Conservatives:  Politichicks Interviews Kira Davis

(From the Rage Against the Media Rally in Los Angeles.)

Blogger/CA PolitiChick Kira Davis was “banned for life” by MSNBC for holding a sign that read “I am a Black Conservative” outside their studios.  ONLY KIRA – the only black person in her group was singled out.  IMagne what would’ve happened if say, Fox News had banned Kira for life for holding a sign that said “I am a Black Liberal” – the media storm would have been STAGGERING!  SO where is the outrage from the “tolerant” mainstream media?  With California Politichick Courtenay Turner;   …Watch Kira!!

Rage Against the Media Rally, Los Angeles

Citizen Journalist Karen Siegemund got tired of the mainstream media’s liberal bias so she took her frustrations to the street—literally—by hosting a nationwide rally. This is footagefrom the rally outside of the CBS Studios in Hollywood.  …watch the video

Protesters Turning Out for “Rage Against the Media” Rally In Los Angeles
Kyle Becker, October 20, 2012

 In American politics, many think of the Republican and the Democrat parties as the dominant forces. But increasingly, citizens are noticing the way mainstream media pick political winners and losers. Now, Americans are showing up in Los Angeles, California to voice their indignation at perceived bias in the major news media. Media figures Evan Sayet and Kira Davis will be among those in attendance  at theRage Against the Media  rally being held at noon today in front of CBS Television City studios on Beverly Boulevard. …read more

Rage Against the Media by Politichicks

The Mainstream Media has only been telling you one version of the “news” for decades–their progressive, agenda-driven version.  Most Americans didn’t realize they were being duped until Fox News came along and showed them that the thing that was missing from all the other “news” stories was YOUR VOICE

On October 20th, we will be holding a nationwide protest to express our legitimate rage at the media. From Los Angeles to New York City, and all points in between, we need to make our voices heard: for too long we have been hostage to their narrative, to their complicity with the “progressive” agenda, to their media malpractice, and it’s time to say ENOUGH. …read more

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