Rage Against the Media has devised a way to protest from the comfort of your own favorite chair.  It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s POWERFUL.

We work entirely from Facebook – this keeps it simple, and bizarre as it sounds, we build a community camaraderie by doing these. 

Every flashmob has these goals:

    - Alerting the media "we're watching you" and demanding the truth
 - Telling the public at large that they are being lied to and that we are all being played for fools by the media
 - Informing the public of those  facts that are being withheld from us.


In fact, these are the identical goals of our street protests as well.  It is the misleading of Americans that is the crux of this, and by these flashmobs as well as our protest, working towards a better-informed public is what we hope to accomplish.

Here’s  how they work:

On a given topic – say, Benghazi, or the Sequester, or Obamacare, some topic that the media is either ignoring entirely or else propagandizing for an agenda- we schedule a Facebook “EVENT” out of our Facebook Group Page
At the scheduled start time, the fun begins!  For 15 minutes, we swarm like gnats all over the first scheduled media network’s facebook page, posting and commenting where we can, totally commandeering threads and where possible, entire pages.  Whatever our topic, we post relevant articles about it, we post demands for objective reporting, we let the network know that Americans deserve better than the propaganda, lies, biased faux-reporting that they placate and mislead us with. 
After 15 minutes,   we move, en masse, to another site, and so on, changing networks every 15 minutes.  In an hour and a half, we protest at 6 sites, all from the comforts of home!  And to top it off, a number of our members tweet at the same time!

 By swarming in this coordinated way, we are impossible to ignore!!  There is power in numbers, and each one of us can contribute to the overall impact of the “event.”

This article by Kyle Becker describes how they work and their effectivness.  And this blogpost describes the cathartic experience of our first post-election Flashmob.

RATM has held 29 of these since last November.  Eleven have been on the topic of Benghazi.  We have also had them on these topics:

  • Second Amendment/Gun Sanity (3)
  • Media Cover-up about Obamacare
  • Holding Hillary Accountable
  • Truth about the Sequester (2)
  • Obama’s Lies (2)
  • Abortionist Flashmob 
  • Economic Facts Flashmob
  • Sledgehammer for Truth (3)
  • Scandals (3)
  • a weekend “double header” – Fast & Furious and Benghazi

These are, essentially, “public” protests using social media as our town square, from the comforts of home. 

Together, with one voice, we can make a difference! 


Rage Against the Media is fighting back.


Of course, we conduct flashmobs against the media.  But the same tactics can be used for many purposes.

Because we see so much utility in these, and have learned so much about what works and what doesn’t, we’re putting together a HOW-TO video 


THE LOUDER we are, the