The president pledges to rule by fiat, and the media is silent?

During his last State of the Union address, President Obama promised to “act on my own to slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects” and the congress, which he had just rendered irrelevant, applauded.

He had also said, days prior, “We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone…” 

Even Yahoo was dismayed

Heritage just put out this piece about a few of the President’s breaches of his the law to exercise his executive power. 

And now, for the umpteenth time, he changed the rules on Obamacare, continuing his destabilization of the insurance industry and businesses generally.  Imagine if a President Romney had done this! 

 RATM is keeping this shocking power-grab front and center on FB. 

What action can you take?

Head over to the MSM Facebook pages, find a thread related to the economy, the speech, or to some insipid reporting aimed at entertaining rather than informing us, and go ahead and comment about this.   Or post the yahoo article , the NRO article or the Heritage article right there on the MSM pages.


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So they’re more interested in what did Christie know and when did he know about a LANE CLOSURE?

Well, that’s just as idiotic a thing as one could imagine. More heads have already rolled over a traffic jam than over the IRS, NSA, Obamacare disaster, and let’s not forget BENGHAZI.  And we’ll have more answers about the closure well before we’ll have any regarding any of the scandals out of the White House.  Read more here. 

RATM is keeping this staggering hypocrisy front and center on FB. 
Action you can take?
Head over to the MSM Facebook pages, find a thread related to Christie, and go ahead and comment about this.  Anything will do, even “REMEMBER BENGHAZI” is adequate to break their monopoly on the narrative.

Or pick any facts out of the articles cited here.

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Speak up.  Get the truth out there

Really?  A YOUTUBE VIDEO?  Fight back against the NYTIMES

It’s surreal, and yet entirely to be expected because…  it’s the New York Times, which has one agenda:  support the reigning and up-and-coming Democrats, and ridicule the GOP while doing so.  Read more here.

Action you can take?  Here are a few suggestions:

From the NYTimes.come website:  To report an error that calls for a correction, e-mail us or leave a message at 1‑888‑NYT‑NEWS (1‑888‑698‑6397).

Don’t forget about the Society of Professional Journalists’ Ethics Hotline:  866-345-3662.  I’d say this violates any standards of Ethics, wouldn’t you?

Head over to the NYT facebook page and chime in.

Whatever your preferred method – speak up!!

Getting the TRUTH OUT about Obamacare

While it appears that the media is starting to realize the surreal catastrophe that is Obamacare, their focus on the website conceals the much more pernicious dangers of the “Affordable” “Care” Act.
It’s up to us to help get the word out about how this is affecting real people, people who “liked their health care” but who can’t keep a plan that’s been cancelled, people who liked their doctor but who can’t keep their doctor who has left their practice or who don’t accept the Obamacare-sanctioned plans.
Join us in posting on Mainstream Media Facebook pages and getting stories out. 

NBC:  – post in any thread

Include this too NBC Politics: – we can post on the left, and in this case, it seems that they do move over to the right.



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As long as msnbc has Martin Bashir on the air, the lesson learned by all netwowrks is this:  what he said is A-OK, and that a simple “sorry” is sufficient.

These are the tactics we’re using – join in and help make a difference.

Silence is complicity – don’t be silent.



RATM is THRILLED to have been part of the effort to have Martin Bashir feel some heat over his vile comments regarding Sarah Palin.  Today he came out with a magnificently worded apology, but has not been censured in any way.  He was neither suspended -a punishment that seems reserved for people who make gay slurs when not even on the job, not for those who use their position as reporter to spew hate, and certainly he wasn’t fired.  No, he led his broadcast today with words we hope he means.  For his apology and a list of transgressions which give one reason to doubt his sincerity, check this out, from NewsBusters.

Stay tuned for RATM’s continued call to action – this apology isn’t enough.


MSNBC’s Martin Bashir has suggested that Sarah Palin be “disciplined” by having someone  defecate in her mouth and urinate in her eyes.  No, I’m not making this up.  And as inured to the disgusting vileness as we are, this stands out.  Newsbuster’s post about this is here – read and watch, but BE WARNED -this is beyond the pale.

MSNBC has cast itself as the “Progressive” News source – What does it say when one of their hosts spews this kind of misogynistic, depraved obscentity?

Rage Against the Media is fighting this on a number of fronts. 

  • on Facebook: we are swarming  his page and msnbc 
  •  twitter:  @BashirLive with the hashtag #FireBashirNow
  • Report this to the Society of Professional Journalists at their hotline 1-866-345-3662
  • Report it to the FCC here 

***UPDATE – we are also posting on two of their sponsors’ pages – Nature Valley and Febreze, two companies whose images are of health, cleanlinss and freshness – totally at odds with Bashir’s vile spewing.  We’re posting on their FB pages, messaging them and tweeting them as well ****


Include this link when you contact them:

And don’t forget the #FireBashirNow hashtag  when you tweet.

Don’t imagine that because “nobody pays attention to this guy” it doesn’t matter – it DOES.  The more they get away with, the more emboldened they are. 

And when they DON’T get away with it because of people like US, we MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

This is a outrage and just because we EXPECT it is no reason to ACCEPT it.


If we don’t speak up, who will?




Join us on Facebook and join our “END THE NIGHTMARE – REPEAL OBAMACARE” event!

The time to strike is NOW.   We need to APPLY PRESSURE – the entire thing is unraveling, the Democrat PARTY is unraveling. They are at their weakest and on the verge of totally collapsing – BUT WE HAVE TO HELP THEM ALONG. 
Starting at 9AM, we will go from one media site to another, posting facts, feelings, outrage, demands related to Obamacare. 

We’ll leave the event open so we can continue to apply pressure – hop on in and BE HEARD!
Threads we used were these”

NBC:  – post in any thread
Include this too NBC Politics: – we can post on the left, and in this case, it seems that they do move over to the right.


ABC – in any comment thread

and anywhere here



And anywhere on Huffington Post

but here’s a good one


NYTimes calls President Obama’s countless lies about keeping your doctor, your healthcare plan (period) merely misspeaking.
What if Bush had said it (and said it, and said it, and said it)?
Their disdain for us and for the truth is palpable – time to tell them NO MORE
New York Times Facebook page – comment ANYWHERE
@nytimes on twitter

brought to you by MRC:
Andrea Mitchell Frets Unpopular Obama Can’t ‘Frighten’ GOP Anymore
It’s time to attack her blatant partisanship

From our TOP PICKS page

Even though it shouldn’t, it continues to astonish us that the only enemy against whom fear is a legitimate tactic is the Republicans.  Democrats/Leftits in every other case are the masters and proponents of appeasement, modifying the old 60s mantra into “there’s no such thing as an enemy, only a friend we haven’t abased ourselves before.” What does this tell us?  That the right strikes greater fear in THEIR hearts than anything or anyone else.  Oh, with the exception of Global Warming.

And of course, when we say “Democrats” we also mean “the media”

Andrea Mitchell’s Facebook Page
and fight her on twitter