Our Mission 

Rage Against the Media is an activist organization that fights for objective reporting by our news organizations.  Without an independent Fourth Estate, a free nation cannot survive, and every day we see and are affected by the destructive results of a media that advocates rather than informs.  Rage Against the Media fights the bias, corruption and depravity that pervade our media, and we elevate the true, fair and factual journalism that Americans living in a free society deserve.



RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA is a group born out of anger at the mainstream media’s betrayal of all Americans.

For too long we have been at the mercy of the media’s complicity with the “progressive” agenda.  Daily it becomes clearer: we are now suffering the effects of our mainstream media’s advocacy of a political agenda rather than the legitimate reporting of all aspects of the political landscape.

While it may seem conservatives feel the betrayal most acutely, ALL Americans are affected.  No matter where you are on the political spectrum, everyone suffer.  The media’s corruption and shirking of its responsibility to US has helped bring the economy to its knees,  has helped foment the unrest that erupted in the Middle East and that led to the death of our Ambassador and the other men in Benghazi, and has helped usher in every policy out of the White House that is hurting this nation both domestically and internationally.  Their choice of stories to cover (Kim Kardashian’s baby) and not to cover (the trial of baby-killer Kermit Gosnell, as one of countless examples) reveals a deliberate manipulation of our world-view.  Their blatant, biased support of the president during the elections in ways too numerous to count (including the most flagrant interference of the Presidential Debate by Candy Crowley who lied to cover up the president’s lie about lying about Benghazi) contributed in no small part to his winning a second term.

We have been watchdogs; we have boycotted.  But the agenda-driven pablum continues and it endangers us all.  It is time to hold the media accountable, and to demonstrate our anger at having been betrayed.

We are aiming for nationwide protests.
Until then, we PROTEST at their studios
We BOMBARD them on Facebook and twitter
We FIGHT them with the truth at every turn.

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