Everything to do with the Zimmerman trial has highlighted the dangers of a media deeply entrenched in the liberal agenda; that Al Sharpton has been given legitimacy by one of our major news networks is a travesty, as is the fact that that the media, even independent of this professional race-baiter, has chosen, intentionally, with malice aforethought and only in accordance with an agenda aimed to foment rage, hate and destruction of the rule-of-law, to represent everything to do with the death of this 17-year-old as racially motivated, even when George Zimmerman is exactly as white as Barack Obama.  

The question of course arises:  to what extent was this trial merely a distraction from all the other very real issues that the administration (and therefore the media) wants us to forget? Certainly, that does play a role.  And we can’t forget  a few basic tenets of the Obama administration’s extreme leftist agenda – one that the mainstream media trips over itself to help forward:

1) Facts don’t matter when you’re working towards a goal – the ends most certainly justify the means 
2) Weakening the 2nd amendment and whittling away at our right to bear arms is high on the list of goals 
3) Dividing this nation and fomenting hatred among us is also paramount.  Fomenting racial hatred and division has been at the core of much of this administration’s decisions, from selecting Eric “dropping the charges against the New Black Panthers” Holder as Attorney General, to President Obama’s injecting himself in the Cambridge MA events regarding his friend the irate Harvard professor to whom the entire world is seen as victim vs racist oppressor, and in this case, Obama’s personalizing the Trayvon Martin case by claiming “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon,”  again highlighting ONLY the racial aspect of this 17-year old man.  And that brings us to #4:
4) It’s all about Obama.  There is nothing that occurs in this nation or globally that Obama hasn’t forged some connection to his own esteemed self, and this case is no exception.
5) It’s all about feelings rather than facts, emotions rather than objectivity, perception rather than rule of law.

Here is just a short sampling of what has been written on media’s complicity in this case – from their insisting on a trial in the first place, even when evidence indicated that in fact, none was warranted, their despicable editing of the emergency call to portray Zimmerman as a racist when all the facts indicate that this was not at all the case, their hand-picking photos to show how cute Trayvon was and how menacing this “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman was, not reporting on Trayvon’s multiple suspensions from school (and the deliberate concealment of his criminality by the school’s police department, subject for even further outrage) .