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L.A.Times, Salon Getting Creative with Obamacare Numbers

The LA Times today published an Obamacare puff piece that had inflated the enrollment numbers even higher than the White House itself has, and did so through a complicated set of contortions.  (Thankfully, Salon picked up the article so we can stay on this side of the paywall.)  Their point:  OBAMACARE IS A GREAT THING!  …

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CNN Lies about its Blackout of Yee Arms Trafficking Scandal

Not only has CNN avoided covering the shocking arms trafficking scandal unfolding right now, but they also lied as to why.  The layers upon layers of dishonesty and obstruction of the truth are just one more indication that our media sees its role as an advocate for leftists, rather than an information source for its …

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Imagine if Harry Reid were a Republican

Yeah.  I can hear you gasp from wherever you are.  Because you can be sure a) we’d be rid of him long ago, and b) we’d have the answer to Betsy Woodroff’s question from 2012:  How DID Harry Reid get so rich, anyway? Try this thought experiment. Imagine that someone grows up in poverty, works …

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Help Stop the Censorship of the Gosnell Trial: Your Chance to be Part of Something Amazing

The deliberate cover-up by the mainstream media of the Kermit Gosnell trial is a perfect case-study of all we need to know about leftists’ deceitful tactics to promulgate their agenda.  This trial had all the components of an emotionally captivating news story:  a trial, deaths, babies, shock value, tragedy – a story that one would …

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Today’s Journalists are Low-Info Activists

Rush Limbaugh hits this dead-on.  I get frustrated when I hear people expecting the media to behave fairly and differently than they are.  It isn’t gonna happen.  They’re not media, folks!  They work in media and they do quote/unquote “the news.”  But they’re politically activists now.  They’re really not even hiding that very well.  They …

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