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Media Bias at the Border – One Victim’s Story

From Guest Contributor John L. Hancock This was my first time attending a protest and I was shocked by what I saw.  I am a conservative who is married to a Mexican woman and have children who are of half-Mexican descent.  I know the value of being able to speak Spanish and my wife and …

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The Border Crisis: Take Action!

There is no question that one of the greatest humanitarian, national security, health, infrastructure and unlawful man-made crises is occurring right now:  the streaming across our borders of tens if not hundreds of thousands of illegal “children,” led on by the President’s promise to not send back minors and his dictatorial stance against anyone who …

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Talk Radio “Exposed” For Polarizing the Country and Causing Incivility… because CNN’s Smerconish says so

CNN host Michael Smerconish believes he has exposed Talk Radio for committing some horrific atrocity in his new fictional novel about the conservative talk radio business entitled “Talk”   Video from Media Research Center:   Just as Smerconish is free to publish a fictional book that he claims exposes conservative talk radio, stating that he …

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RATM Flyers for your Activist Pleasure

Here are 2 pages of flyers for your activist pleasure. Each page has 4 different themes – print them out, cut each page in quarters, then go post them on bulletin boards everywhere and anywhere!  Starbucks, your local library, Whole Foods (hehehe) anywhere there are people.  Flyer 1 Flyer 2 And of course, stage your …

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Mitt was Right, But Too Bad the Media Campaigned for Obama

Imagine if the media had covered the election honestly.  Imagine if the media had covered ANYTHING honestly. From H/T Pat Dollard –   American Tragedy: Romney was right Just imagine. This isn’t one political party against another; this is a political party vs. an ideology-driven media.

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