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Conservatives Protect even Liberal Voices.

The Washington Post’s headline “Conservative backlash kills FCC plan to survey America’s newsrooms” speaks volumes. Indeed, only conservatives fought back against the invasion of America’s newsrooms by the agency which licenses them.  Only conservatives fought against the incursion into the press’s freedom to report without being accountable to the government.  At RATM we are constantly shocked …

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Biased reporting? Complain to the FCC!

Hmmm….. all this talk about calling in the FCC to monitor newsrooms gives us an idea.  Not that we want them monitored, mind you – not at all.  But they have a mechanism for complaining about “rigging or slanting the news” so it would be wrong of us not to speak up, right? From the …

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Nick Searcy demonstrates the appropriate response to liberal media

Young Conservatives shared the twitter exchange between the star of FX’s “Justified,” conservative actor Nick Searcy, and the liberal site Raw Story: RAW: How would you describe yourself in your own words? SEARCY: Not playing. Go back to your hit pieces on Christianity and decent Americans who disagree with you. for the rest, click here  

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Fox needs to be regulated by FCC, says Democrat

Eric Cantor’s challenger, progressive Democrat Mike Dickinson, has distinguished himself by siccing the FCC specifically on Fox.  From his tweets: “Fox News does nothing but tell lies and mistruths. They have unqualified political analysts. We need FCC to monitor and regulate them.” “Fox News should be presented as entertainment. It’s like mad magazine if Alfred …

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The FCC overreach: top articles

In our continuing effort to empower with the truth, here is an aggregation of some of the best articles on the FCC overreach and reports of their “backing off.” From FCC Commissioner Ajit Pac in the WSJ, the article that seems to have started the outrage and successful pushback: The FCC Wades Into the Newsroom …

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