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The President’s Political Needs Outweighed the Lives of Our Men in Benghazi: Mark Steyn Speaks

Not much gets to the heart of the horror of everything to do with Benghazi better than this Mark Steyn piece. Democrats and their media enablers openly giggle at the word “Benghazi” now. So funny, isn’t it? Those provincial simpletons at Fox News are still droning on about dead Americans in Benghazi as if anybody …

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What Do We Want? THE TRUTH! When Do We Want it? NOW!

Imagine you’re at a mall – strolling around with your family or friends, wishing you had some money so you could actually buy something, and you hear a ruckus behind you. You turn, and see five, perhaps 10, maybe even more, cheerfully dressed men and women, not quite walking but not exactly dancing, either, weaving …

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August, 2013 As part of our effort to fight for objective and honest media, RATM has created an “Integrity in Journalism” award.  This award is presented to those journalists who exhibit the characteristics which are critical in those to whom we turn to for our news and information. These are, foremost, integrity – that trait …

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Media Frenzy over 4-day Traffic Jam

I’m as outraged as the next guy over a politically motivated traffic jam.  Everything I read about TrafficGate or Bridgegate or whatever it is disgusts me, and I am glad that there have been firings over the craven abuse of power by those in Governor Christie’s administration.  Whether or not Christie’s apology and humility are …

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Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit: Today we say NO MORE

 Very shortly before he got sick with a particularly virulent strep infection, (read about it here, and about how he has also lost his health insurance under Obamacare) Jim Hoft spoke at the RATM rally last August.  Opening with a salute to Tuffy the Clown, and taking us through th appallingly damaging effects of this …

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